FlowerZone was established in 1993. Now we are one of New Zealand’s leading Flower exporters.
We pride ourselves on our reputation for honesty and reliability. We seek to develop one to one relationships with both our growers and our purchasers. To enable us to achieve these goals our sales people concentrate on specific world markets, making them extremely knowledgeable about the needs and pressures of that region. Ultimately this specialisation has been the key to our success.


At FlowerZone we export only the best of New Zealand’s cut flowers to our discriminating buyers. This high quality product has created a boutique market in an industry swamped with low quality high volume crops. New Zealand is fortunate not only in the quality of its product but in its position on the map. As a Southern Hemisphere country our seasons contrast with those northern hemisphere flower producers.

We nurture New Zealand’s reputation as a producer of quality and innovative product. Working with other companies we help to ensure the high standard crops that people have come to expect from New Zealand and we keep both our growers and buyers up to date with information on their products.